exim website credits

A number of people and organisations have contributed to this web site. If I have missed you out, my apologies and please contact me so that I can add you to this list.

Nigel Metheringham
(yes, thats me) built the web site and I attempt to keep it up to date.
Jennifer Greenley of Sharpblue
designed the new exim logo in 2002, working through several iterations following comments on the exim mailing list.
Energis Squared (formerly Planet Online)
provided the UK web site, the domain name registration and various other resources for the exim community. Energis Squared also use exim for their mail systems including systems with a userbase of several million users.
provides a US mirror of the web site. Shore.Net is a large regional ISP in the Northeastern US, and uses exim for the majority of their mail traffic.
Esat Net
provides an Irish mirror of the web site. Esat Net is Ireland's longest serving ISP and uses Exim on all it's core SMTP servers.

Nigel Metheringham

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